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Hao Jing "outstanding cadres" - Hong Kong and Macao Tour Essay (b)

Date:2016-12-22 19:46
 Very autumn drizzle, October 24, although bad weather, but we have a line of 11 people still deeply moved, their expectations Pudong Airport car came, about to begin our tour of Hong Kong and Macao on the 5th. I'm always already at the airport waiting for us, after finishing the departure formalities we boarded the plane, for never flown filled us really curious, feel everything is so fresh, really look out through the window It is a different scene. Blue sky, white clouds exceptionally charming beautiful. Two and a half hours later we arrived at the airport in Hong Kong. After finishing the immigration formalities we boarded our tour bus starting with Hong Kong trip. Car tour guide gave us a Hong Kong customs, tell us that Hong Kong is a free country, Hong Kong is a lot of people aspire to shopping paradise……
  In Hong Kong, we stayed for three days, see, hear, really is too much, and some can not even be expressed in words. The following partial fragments clips to share with you our joy, excitement and emotion
  Our first stop is the Golden Bauhinia Square, the Golden Bauhinia Square is located next to Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, it is to commemorate the reunification of the motherland and the establishment. Wan Chai Convention and Exhibition Centre Extension, is a new landmark in Hong Kong, which has the world's highest glass curtain wall, such as gull wings wish Xiang. On the waterfront plaza, Golden Bauhinia positive sparkling bloom. July 1, 1997 establishment of the SAR, the central government will be presented to a Hong Kong Golden Bauhinia statue, this six-meter high bronze statue was officially called & ldquo; Forever Blooming Bauhinia & rdquo ;, meaning Hong Kong will never prosper. Feel at home when a hand gently touching the statue, the moment seemed to listen to the kind of joy when the transfer of sovereignty of Hong Kong, the kind of happiness. Our collective photo nostalgia here, everyone is so excited, so happy, we are already fully revel in the beauty of Hong Kong among
  Victoria Harbour is China's largest, world's third largest seaport, after the United States and Brazil in Rio de Janeiro, San Francisco, free access all year round, trade, prosperity can be imagined. Are in the harbor, it was infinitely relaxed, Victorian-style building is full of nostalgic flavor
  At night we stay at Nina Hotel, a world-class level of accommodation services, warm and comfortable environment, a wide range of cuisine, comfortable leisure and entertainment, high-quality professional services and thoughtful hospitality, let us truly feel right at home。
  What impressed me the most profound is Disneyland: this in our minds with countless wonderful cartoon equivalent name. We had a thrilling, exciting half-day at Disneyland. He walked in front of the fountain on Disneyland Mickey Mouse sitting bronze constantly flow with the music and dance. Smiley happy people everywhere, we quickly into the festive atmosphere, the Disney park mountain open, fresh air and natural green scenery make you feel comfortable and relaxed. We play a lot of projects, to share with you two of it: crossing the thrilling Space Mountain: This is a space simulation game leap. In a roller coaster running fast when passing in front of the interstellar universe wonderful scenery. Confusing views, the feeling of weightlessness in space is really like living. This leap in space, feeling absolutely make you scream. Adventureland forest rivers: We sat listening to the next captain of laughter from time to time and the river came the sounds of various animals on the boat. We feel tense from the beginning to slowly relaxed, suddenly emitted a burst water we really spooked, torch finally appeared both really thrilling and exciting so that we really feel what & ldquo; abyss & rdquo; . Happy time is always short-lived, with a reluctant mood we left the beautiful Disneyland. Let's play a day early empty stomach, dinner we Nina Hotel & ldquo; binge & rdquo; meal delicacies, enjoying the elegant wine, beer and refreshing。
  So far, the three-day trip to Hong Kong is over, tomorrow we will resort to the next: Macau. By boat from Hong Kong to Macau on more than one hour, after finishing the entry formalities even if we really come to Macau. From Hong Kong to Macau, as if we came to another world, which is a distinct and Hong Kong crowded city, quiet, soothing atmosphere blowing, here did not change much like a town, full of comfort and warmth also gives our poetic imagination. Tour guide told me about Macau is small, only more than 200,000 square kilometers in Macau just to see the building is necessarily luxurious casino. We started down the tourist bus day trip to Macau. First, we worship the Ruins of St. Paul, with a century of vicissitudes of architectural monuments, like a monument stands in the old town of Highland, which is the pride of Macau, is a symbol of Macao, Macao is the witness of history and culture icon. On Holy Church ruins pondering trance I heard God's metaphor, in front of St. Paul has evolved into a center of the monument. Our collective photo nostalgia here. See everyone's smiling faces, hear everyone's laughter, as if life has given us inject new vitality and power。
  Here with you and I enjoy the Venetian, Wynn and Casino Lisboa Casino. Venice Resorts impressed me most is artificial sky, blue sky, white clouds, and really just the same. The lights on the ground like a city that never sleeps, and looked up but saw clear skies and clouds. We just came to see the show Pachira Wynn casino, it is a whole tree made of gold, in the light irradiation may be discolored. Along with the music at the same time open sky and the ground, the tree slowly rose up from under the ground, and a gentle spin on the spot. It is said to be how much million cast! Visually stunning super strength. Lisboa Casino is the largest casino in Macau, is a very strong colonial flavor architecture. This is an exotic world, in the eyes of people who have not had a taste full of mystery. Now, put aside the mystery of the mysterious senses, the presentation is that the smoke wind voices Teng temple, feasting, the tragic death of confusion City。
 End the day, we feast on Hao Jing Hotel, Macau is a place where what should be imported without their own industry. So the food is expensive, even though food is very simple and cheap. Moreover we are in Hao Jing Hotel, listen to the tour guide said the national leadership to Macau are Hao Jing Hotel. We eat Western food, but also learn to pick up Westerners and fork, quietly enjoy. We stayed the night at the Grand Lisboa Casino, a large body but not towering, sun often reduced to a shadow in the Bank of China Tower, but hot reputation and strange architectural structure but constitutes a flag of Macau. He came into the rooms seem to feel another world. Inside the decoration is not a luxury but a luxury to sit down and open the refrigerator readily take out beer, drink and enjoy the night quietly Macau. Macau gives us the impression that a country with a rich cultural background, strong folk flavor, with a romantic fairy tale, set in one of the East-West charm very friendly city.

Five-day trip ended too soon, this five-day tour of Hong Kong and Macao to our experience is:
First, the amplification dream: going out saw and heard just let us know what is life, we want to enlarge their dreams, can not do frogs, we must strive to find their own a vast sky。
Second, Thanksgiving: Thank opportunity the company gave us a go, let's get to fully relax and also experience a lot of learning a lot. Leading the way thanks to accompany our meticulous care and silently pay. Thanks to our team and support each other, encourage each other。
Third, the warmth of the family: accompanying fourteen people from different places, and we met because white crystal, which is a fate. Bottle of mineral water, a pack of small snacks, greeting all reflect the warmth of white crystal
Thanks again for giving us this company tourism and leisure and learning opportunities, we must change the concept, improve working methods and methods, leaders unite good colleague and employee, to correct bad habits, develop good work style, a good contribution to the company's growth own strength. THX
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